A Roof Protects Everything You Own So Take Care of It!

Our home is very important to us. It gives us shelter, houses our households and holds a great deal of memories. Keeping your roof needs to be considered your very first and most important concern to ensure that your house not only looks great but is functional in offering you with heat for a lot more years to come.

Need to you find yourself with an issue roofing, it could cause many more issues than a damp carpet or a soggy ceiling. It’s essential to look for roofing repair at your earliest benefit prior to issues intensify or you may need to invest in a whole brand-new roofing.

In London, where area is limited, expansion of homes frequently occurs up-wards so having a good quality roof should be a priority over beginning any internal remodelling. Here, we look at why your roofing system is so important and what it can protect you from.


The most apparent factor for ensuring your roofing system is water-tight and undamaged; water and moisture that enter into your residential or commercial property can have devastating effects. Leakages that go unnoticed can trigger decomposing to roof beams and loft structures. Gradually, this can cause structural weak point and disintegration causing your roof to collapse. What ought to have been a basic, economical repair has developed into a far more expensive issue.

Bug or Pest Infestation

A well-maintained roof uses excellent defence against invasions of bugs and pests, which themselves bring a whole host of problems in residential or commercial properties. While your roofing system will need sources of ventilation, ensuring big spaces or holes are looked after will prevent squirrels, pigeons or similar insects entering your roofing system area.


Impressions of your home will rather frequently be influenced by the quality of your pitched roofing system and while a damaged roof might lead to harmed personal possessions, it will also affect the resale worth of your property, potentially cheapening your house.

Condensation and Damp

It is essential that your roof is developed and developed following proper design procedures, particularly thinking about insulation requirements. Inaccurate installation of your roof can really often cause dry and damp rot in timbers, internal damp and eventual costly repairs.

Keeping top of your roof repair and maintenance goes a long way towards protecting your home versus the aspects and possible problems brought on by undesirable visitors.

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Maintaining Felt Roofs

Preserving your felt roofing system is beneficial to extending its life expectancy and ensures your residential or commercial property is secured versus potential leakages. There are likewise routine checks you can carry out and report to your professional if you are not sure or worried. While upkeep of your felt roof is encouraged, and area repairs can be quickly carried out, should you be not sure if your felt roofing requirements to be changed, make sure to contact your roofer.

In London, roofer advise that felt is especially well matched for usage on garages, blocks of flats, rear extensions and commercial buildings. Previously, felt product was considered to be poor quality, nevertheless, advances in technology have actually led to remarkable quality products with an average lifespan of over 20 years.

We have a look at some of the ways in which you can preserve and carry out regular checks to ensure your felt roofing system stays in the very best possible condition.

Leaves and General Debris

Frequently inspect that seamless gutters and rainwater outlets are free-flowing and clear of any particles. This will prevent water from collecting on the felt. Only carry out checks at height with the appropriate devices, with supervision and if you are proficient to do so.

Surface areas and Detailing

Inspect that overlaps between roofing products are tight and sealed, in addition to guaranteeing up stands are firmly fixed to the wall without any damage, cracks or splits in the mortar or sealant. Keep an eye out for blisters happening on the surface of the felt material. Blister sizes ought to be frequently examined and if they expand, reported to your roofer.


Although not something you will see on your felt roof, internal condensation can be an outcome of insufficient insulation. It can likewise suggest a lack of sufficient ventilation. Internal condensation can cause rotting of timber supports and eventual structural collapse. If you presume that your residential or commercial property is struggling with internal condensation, make certain to call your roofer.

Reporting to Contractor

The above checks should be performed each year however just if you are positive to do so. Ought to you be unsure or not able to carry out the checks yourself, we would recommend you to have your roofing contractor perform an annual roofing health check.

House owners are slightly limited on the repairs and maintenance they can carry out, acquainting yourself with a “healthy roofing system” will help you recognise when your roofing system may need professional work brought out by roofing system contractors.

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