Safeguarding Your House From Criminal Offence During Winter season

It is a recognised truth that criminal offence during the winter season increases, especially break-ins around the Christmas duration. In this blog post we have actually laid out 7 things you can do to assist safeguard your house during the winter season.

Break-ins– Burglaries increase in winter by approximately 50% with darker nights adding to the danger and Christmas being an opportunist time for robbers to make a quick buck. In 73% of robberies the robbers use doors to go into a residential or commercial property, 3% of which are open doors. Always ensure that all windows and doors are locked when you are at home or out. Simply being at house does not discourage all burglars as 57% of robberies happen when somebody is really in your home!

Locks, Doors and Windows-– Having safe locks on doors and windows is vital in the winter months, many home have locks that are not up to basic and can easily be broken into, often the locks fitted to a property can in fact revoke house insurance so in the event of a burglary you would not be covered. Easy mark Locksmiths can provide you advice on whether your windows and door locks stick to insurance requirements, if not we can get them updated for you.

Use A Safe-– One of the primary factors burglars get in homes these days is not simply to steal important belongings but to potentially take identity too. Leaving sensitive information such as utility expenses, passports, birth certificates and HMRC paperwork implies someone if they entered your home might possibly take your identity. They can get credit in your name and even offer your home from under you. Using a safe in your home implies that all such documents will be safe from being stolen.

Timer Lights– Many individuals like to go on holiday in the cold weather to avoid the cold or perhaps go and stick with family away from home for a few days over Christmas and New Year. Burglars search for signs too see if you are at home and if they notice lights not on in an evening then this can be a telltale sign there is nobody home and a perfect chance for an intruder to break an entry. Usage timer lights to simulate your house being inhabited when you are hanging around far from home to assist prevent opportunist intruders.

Social Media-– We all like to post on social media precisely what we are doing and where we are doing it. Intruders typically use social networks to establish whether or not anyone remains in your property and if you are publishing pictures of a beautiful Sunday supper cooked by your mum then they can presume you are not home and seize the day to burglarise your house and steal items.

House security of the cold weather is something everyone must look at, it is not simply the hassle or the financial loss of being burgled that can be a concern however also the mental and psychological damage a break-in can trigger.

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